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January 6, 2021

The January 6th insurrection against the U.S. Government arose from disinformation and manipulation spread for the purpose of creating unfounded (but genuinely felt) outrage capable of leading people to threaten our country's most prized accomplishment: 

peaceful transfers of power for over two hundred years.


Accountability for the powerful people who knowingly spread these lies and stoked insurrectionist rage is critical to make sure this never happens again.  In addition, everyday people need to be aware of how "rage farming" is affecting them and influencing their decision-making processes.


A brief presentation on the role of disinformation in the insurrection, followed by the steps you can take to stop the spread of disinformation, is embedded below, and a set of resources for further reading can be found underneath it.

Further reading:

Common Cause has provided summaries of each of the Jan. 6 hearings (click to read)

Thursday, June 10th: Opening statements & never before seen footage

Monday, June 13th: Trump knew he lost, but pushed the Big Lie anyway

Thursday, June 16th: Trump's pressure campaign on Vice President Pence

Tuesday, June 21st: Trump asks state officials to break the law

Thursday, June 23rd: Trump pressures the Department of Justice

Tuesday, June 28th: Trump Admin. prior knowledge of Jan. 6 plans

Tuesday, July 12th: Trump knowingly spread lies about the 2020 election

Thursday,  July 21st: Trump refused to call off the mob

Quick rundown of debunked claims:

How videos were faked or misattributed to suggest fraud:

Other fact-checks

CISA Election Rumor Control:

The Brennan Center's "The Myth of Voter Fraud:"

Pushing the Big Lie:

Addressing the inaccuracies in new movie about "ballot mules":

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